As part of recruitment processes we are seeking to make appointments for eligible experienced career firefighters from other fire services on a lateral entry basis.

A lateral entry appointment may be offered by TFS where a successful applicant:

  • meets all of the assessment requirements of the Trainee Firefighter Recruitment Program and who is recommended for appointment,
  • holds competencies required by TFS for appointment on a lateral entry basis,
  • has practical firefighting employment experience in a recognised career firefighting agency, and
  • has undertaken a recruit course with a recognised career firefighting agency.

Volunteer firefighting, or firefighting for an organisation other than in a recognised career firefighting agency (such as a land management agency) is not eligible for appointment on a lateral entry basis.

The classification on appointment and the advancement, up to and including the level of Leading Firefighting, is to occur depending on the level of competence and experience in each individual case.

A successful applicant who is offered a position on a lateral entry basis will be advised at the time of making an offer:

  • The length of the training program that is required, up to a maximum of 15 weeks. During the period of training remuneration will be at the Trainee Firefighter rate, and
  • The rank they will be appointed following the period of training, up to and including the rank of Leading Firefighter.

Stage 1. Applications:

  • Lateral Entry Applications for Trainee Firefighter positions are now closed.

Stage 2. Cognitive Ability and Psychological Assessment

18th April – 26th April

Stage 3. Interview

8 – 12 June 2020

Stage 4. Physical Fitness Assessment (Shuttle Run)


Stage 5. Physical Abilities Assessment


Trainee Development Program course

  • 2020 dates to be advised.