Candidates who successfully complete the application process to join the Tasmania Fire Service will become a member of the Firefighter Development Program (recruit course).

The Firefighter Development Program helps you develop into a “Shift Ready” Probationary Firefighter upon graduation.

The program is conducted over a period of 15 weeks predominantly at the Cambridge Training Complex, but also components in Burnie and Launceston for those posted to those areas. Each week, you’ll be taught an essential firefighting skill, gradually building your overall knowledge.

It is important to be aware that there is a water safety element to the recruit course where you will be required to enter the water in full turnout gear. You must consider whether you have confidence in and around water prior to you application.

The program is split into three phases:

Pre-Program Phase and introduction

The pre-program phase provides you with basic background knowledge of the TFS, along with firefighting appliances, equipment procedures and terminology. There will also be an opportunity to meet your fellow recruits and instructor team before the course starts.

Building Phase

The building phase of the program is a learning period delivered over nine weeks. This block delivers training in a range of firefighting skills including the core disciplines of breathing apparatus and operate pumps, road crash rescue, urban and bush firefighting, hazardous materials, driving and first aid.

This training is conducted statewide, with recruits spending around five weeks training in the region they have been allocated to.

Consolidation Phase

The consolidation phase consists of the final six weeks of the program. During this time, you’ll consolidate your learning through; simulated emergency incidents, simulated shift rotations, offsite training activities and practical assessments.


If successful, you’ll gain probationary employment. After successful completion of six months’ probation, you’ll gain permanent employment.

Position Objective

Gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes required for promotion to a position of Firefighter.

Primary Duties

  • Work as a member of a team that responds to emergency incidents.
  • Acquire and maintain competencies and pursue opportunities for self-development through participation in learning and development activities.
  • Promote community awareness in fire safety and fire prevention through participation in community education programs and the inspection of property, buildings and emergency response equipment.
  • Provide basic life support at emergency incidents.
  • Operate emergency response vehicles and equipment in a safe and effective manner.
  • Undertake maintenance and testing duties to ensure the readiness of fire service equipment and property.
  • Assist with the development of pre-incident plans.
  • Provide accurate information in reports and statistical data, including the use of computer systems as required.

Level of Responsibility

Responsible to the immediate supervisor for:

  • Behaving in a manner consistent with Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) Values;
  • The gaining of competencies in emergency response and community fire safety activities to a level required for the position;
  • The effective performance of any duties within the employee’s level of competence; and
  • Ensuring all work is undertaken according to safe working practices.