Values, vision and role

The services we provide are driven by the needs of the community.  In order to meet those needs, and the needs of our people, we have adopted the following core values:


We value:

      • Serving the Tasmanian community
      • Being responsive to community needs
      • Being progressive and delivering quality services.


We value:

      • Dedication and pride in our organisation
      • Being skilled, efficient, committed and innovative
      • Using our collective capabilities to deliver an excellent service
      • Being accountable for our actions.


We value:

      • Being trustworthy and ethical
      • Treating each other fairly and honestly
      • Having the courage to do the right thing.


We value:

      • Each other
      • Working together to achieve our goals
      • Treating each other with respect and understanding
      • Being supportive, compassionate and helping each other

In the TFS:

Our Vision is a Tasmanian community, safe from the impact of fire and other emergencies.

Our Role is to protect life and the environment from the impact of fire and other emergencies by:

      • Promoting fire safety across the community
      • Providing an effective response to emergencies.