Leave entitlements for firefighters are provided for in the Tasmanian Firefighting Industry Employees Award and the Tasmanian State Service Award.

A summary of some leave entitlements current at August 2023:

  • Recreation Leave: 34.5 days per year. When combined with rostered days off, this equals approximately 32 days off every seven months on a rotating leave roster arrangement.
  • Sick Leave: 152 hours which accrues fortnightly and accumulates until a cap is reached.
  • Carers Leave: 152 hours re-balanced at each anniversary date.
  • Compassionate and bereavement leave
  • Secondary Care Giver (encompasses adoption): Four weeks leave
  • Primary Care Giver Leave (for birth or adoption of child):
    52 weeks leave
    18 weeks paid leave full time or option for 36 weeks paid leave at 50%
  • Defence Leave: 20 days