At this stage you will complete two online assessments to test your cognitive ability and psycological risk assessment.

Current candidates can access the Safe Select guide here: Candidate Information – SafeSelect – RPI + Cognify

Cognitive Ability Assessment

This is a game-based assessment called Cognify which involves a series of modules or games to test measures verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning and problem solving.

Psychometric Assessment

This is an online multiple-choice psychometric assessment called SafeSelect.

These assessments are specifically designed for high-risk work environments where there is the potential for heightened emotions, use of force, threats of violence or harm, or the responsibilities of working with vulnerable people.

The results of the psychometric assessment are used to create a psychological risk profile for each candidate and allows us to compare your profile against the profile of the type of person who is most likely to be successful in this type of work.

After you complete the questionnaire, you may be contacted by a psychologist accredited with the Australian Institute of Forensic Psychology (AIFP) to clarify certain results.

Please note: Cognify and SafeSelect can only be completed once within a 12-month period.