Information for current candidates – to perform this assessment you must have a completed medical clearance form. It is recommended that you pre-schedule an appointment with a GP prior to this assessment in case you make it through to this stage.

The Physical Abilities Assessment tests your ability to handle basic strenuous tasks that firefighters perform as part of their job. These tasks must be completed consecutively.

  • Instructions for each will be given to you prior to the commencement of the tasks. You will not be provided with detailed instruction during the assessment.
  • We strongly urge you to train and prepare yourself for the physical assessments.
  • You will be required to provide photo ID and sign an indemnity form prior to commencing the assessment to confirm that you are fit and well to participate.
  • You will not be permitted to participate if you are not wearing appropriate clothing and footwear and/or you’re late.
  • For further details read the Physical Abilities Assessment – Firefighting Task Course. 

You will be required to have a medical clearance prior to complete this assessment. Details will be provided to candidates who reach this stage.

1: Road Crash Rescue

  • Purpose of the Test: The purpose of this task is to test upper-body strength and ability to perform tasks using rescue equipment.
  • Assessment Process: Wearing structural personal protective clothing, helmet, gloves and kneepads, you’ll place and hold the tool in a specified area within the specified time.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants must complete the three tasks and place the tool back on the ground within 105 seconds to be successful.
  • Instructions: Road Crash Rescue assessment instructions

2: Confined Space

  • Purpose of the Test: This task tests your ability to work in a confined, dark environment whilst wearing a facemask.
  • Assessment Process: During this task, you’ll wear structural personal protective clothing and a breathing apparatus with full facemask. The facemask will not be connected and you will be able to breathe normally. You will move and crawl through a dark area using a rope for direction.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants who follow all instructions in the darkened area, do not remove the facemask during the task and reach the end of the confined space will have successfully completed this task.
  • Instructions: Confined space assessment instructions

3: Agility Assessment

  • Purpose of the Test: This tests your ability to rapidly and safety move items of firefighting equipment at an incident. It assesses anaerobic capacity and agility.
  • Assessment Process: The Agility Assessment consists of four shuttles. Wearing structural personal protective clothing (without breathing apparatus), you’ll retrieve equipment on a marked track.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants must complete the entire task within 47 seconds and not receive more than one warning.
  • Instructions: Agility assessment instructions

4: Tower Climb

  • Purpose of the Test: The tower/ladder climb assesses your ability to climb and work at heights. It tests your aerobic capacity, along with your muscular strength and endurance.
  • Assessment Process: Wearing structural personal protective clothing with breathing apparatus, a safety harness and line, you’ll climb a ladder to a 15-metre platform. Once on the platform, you’ll then haul a 15kg weight a distance of 8 metres, using the hand-over-hand method, lift it over the rail, then lower it 1 metre onto the platform floor.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants will complete the task successfully within 96 seconds
  • Instructions: Tower climb and container haul assessment instructions

5: Hose Drag

  • Purpose of the Test: This test involves dragging out a 25mm hose line. It tests muscular strength and endurance of the arms and legs.
  • Assessment Process: Wearing structural personal protective clothing without breathing apparatus, applicants will grasp the end of a 25mm fire hose full of water which has been placed on the ground. They will then drag it to several different points.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants must complete the test within 85 seconds.
  • Instructions: Hose drag assessment instructions

6: Firefighter Rescue

  • Purpose of the Test: This test simulates the critical task of rescuing an injured firefighter. It tests your anaerobic and aerobic capacity, along with muscular strength and endurance in the legs, back and arms.
  • Assessment Process: You are required to hold the 90kg rescue dummy/mannequin by straps attached to a harness. You will then be required to drag the dummy around the marked course and back, a distance of 30 metres.
  • Success Criteria: Applicants must complete the task within 49 seconds.
  • Instructions: Firefighter rescue assessment instructions