Firefighting involves strenuous physical work in adverse conditions while wearing heavy protective equipment. This places a heavy load on the cardiovascular, oxygen consumption and musculoskeletal systems of the body. Because of this, we test cardiovascular fitness with a Shuttle Run / Beep Test. Applicants must achieve level 9.6. To assist you in preparing for the shuttle run please watch the video below. You can purchase a copy of the test through the Australian Sports Commission, telephone 02 6214 1111. Prior to commencing the Shuttle Run and Physical Fitness Assessment you will be required to provide photo ID and provide your Medical Clearance Form which you’ve had completed by your GP confirming that you are fit and well to participate.

Testing locations

Testing will occur in the North West, North and South of Tasmania. If you progress to the Shuttle Run you will be advised by email and given further details of testing locations and times.

Remote shuttle runs

**Please note – remote shuttle runs were available due to COVID-19 lockdowns. This is currently under review. **

Anyone who is unable to attend a shuttle run assessment on the dates scheduled will be allowed to undertake an assessment remotely at a registered fitness facility with the capability to assess the Shuttle Run.

The candidate will need to coordinate this assessment themselves and follow the instructions below for remote assessment. Candidates who choose to undertake a remote assessment will be required to validate their assessment by undertaking a further Shuttle Run around the time of the Physical Abilities Assessment in Hobart. Confirmation of remote assessment completion will need to be received at before the deadline. Late forms will not be accepted.

  • If you’re attending a Physical Fitness Assessment – Shuttle Run, please fill-out and take with you:
    • Form 2 – Medical Clearance Form – you need to have this completed by your GP, sign it, and bring it along to the testing day.
    • Drivers Licence – for identification purposes.
  • If undertaking the assessment remotely at a registered fitness facility you will need to take with you:

> For further details read the Shuttle Run instructions and watch the video below.