A Pre-Employment Medical Assessment is necessary to make sure you are medically able to work under the rigorous conditions, both physically and mentally, for firefighting.

Once you apply, you will be provided with medical assessment requirements. There is a list of Suggested Occupational Physicians in Tasmania who are able to complete the assessment for you at your own cost. Interstate applicants will need to make an appointment with an Occupational Physician who has the ability to complete the tests including hearing, sight, and lung capacity.

You may complete your Pre-Employment Medical (Form 3) at any stage during the recruitment process and you must have your medical assessment completed prior to your interview. If you have not completed and provided us with your medical assessment before your Interview, you will not be able to participate in an Interview.

There is a range of medical conditions which may indicate a person is not medically able to be a firefighter. It is not possible, however, to state that a person may not become a firefighter because the person has a specified medical condition. The specific nature of any condition will need to be taken into consideration. A medical review by a specialist or specialists may be required if the medical assessment shows a person has a condition which may be of concern.